‘Super Normal Super Models’ for W Magazine by Mert & Marcus, September 2014

Kate Moss takes us into the future in ‘Super Normal Super Models’ for W Magazine by Mert & Marcus, September 2014. The view may change but the game remains the same. Looking at these pictures takes me back to the 90’s, when I was a young model, and there was nothing but possibility (& Kate Moss) in front of me. The garb of the anointed stands out with subtle styling that makes you know you’re looking at the real thing. Edward Enninful dares to capture the connection, with looks that marry the world of high-end fashion with hard-core street appeal. And while there is no denying their genetic gifts, the power of this piece is about celebrating uniqueness. Bringing real beauty to light, (Makeup Artists) Karim Rahman and Lynsey Alexander allows each image to portray the originality of the person behind the name. In an industry that depends on the art of manipulation, it’s fresh to see genuine faces come forward. Hairstylist, James Pecis, reminds us that while the names are the Mane attraction, the right dew can really make the story sing. The arc of the erudite princess is clear…to see but a sliver of that which connects us, is to see a feather in the future of hope.

Models; Kate MossDaria WerbowyLara StoneAmanda MurphySuvi KuponenAnna EwersMeghan CollisonMariacarla BosconoRaquel ZimmermannSaskia De BrauwMica ArganarazDaan Van Der DeenFilip HrivnakSteve Milatos.

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