Alana Zimmer in ‘Drôle D’Oiseau’ by Erik Madigan Heck for Numéro #156, September 2014

Alana Zimmer walks inside works of modern art in ‘Drôle D’Oiseau’ by Erik Madigan Heck for Numéro #156, September 2014. The Funny Bird has a flair with a stunning selection of outta this world styles. Posing with drôle delight, Zimmer flies through the mind’s sky, flaunting like an avant-garde peacock. Stylist, Samuel François, creates bird-like elegance with captivating looks from Salvatore Ferragamo, Alberta Ferretti, Hermès, Louis Vuiton, Missoni & Miu Miu. Each image arouses our sleeping senses, with hyper-modern makeup that’s made to be seen. The power of pretty pops as Karim Rahman uses the face like a palate ready for a pastel explosion. Hairstylist, Laurent Philippon, captures the coup de gras of splendor, with coiffed-couture head pieces that pay tribute to fashion’s edge. Birds of a feather flock together, as this conceptual creation ignites a wholly unique experience.

Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-dolce-gabbanaAlana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-7Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-valentino (1)Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-3Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-1 Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-2 Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-alberta Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-salvatoreAlana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-201411Alana-Zimmer-by-Erik-Madigan-Heck-for-Numéro-156-September-201412