Ana Buljevic in ‘Prada Revealed’ by Thomas Whiteside for Wonderland Magazine, September 2014

Ana Buljevic is dizzy with decadence in ‘Prada Revealed’ shot by Thomas Whiteside for Wonderland Magazine, September 2014. The art of avant-garde elegance erupts with Prada inspired styles set to storm the theater of fashion. Anthony Unwin, marks the sparks of modernity with a stellar collection of 70’s inspired neo-styles. Brandeshing bold, (Makuep Artist) Junko Kioka embraces the shift of beauty as the music of tomorrow plays on. A ghostly pallor draws us in, with flashes of all white that speak to the face of the future. Hairstylist, Joey George, goes against the haute nature of the head with subtle blend of coiffed-couture. A melding of mystery, this compelling piece embraces the invincible power of the past & present,


never look

never stay

never, ever

go away

I ache for no reason

I love for the wrong

I seek to be soothed

when all is but gone

I climb to the top

when nobody cares

I fall for no reason

without any stares

save me from drowning

isn’t that what they say

when the water of life

flows in the way

get out of my path

leave me alone,

to tread on this journey

all but alone.

original poetry – tanyajo

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