Anja Cihoric in ‘Chipped’ by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND Magazine

Anja Cihoric explores the art of individuality in ‘Chipped’ by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND Magazine. Utterly original isn’t that what they say to make you feel better on a cold winter’s day. To fully embrace yourself is to embrace the perfection of your imperfection. The compelling nature of beauty isn’t about ‘what’s fair’ it’s about the authentic act of appreciation. The idea of ideal is set aside as we focus on the construct of character. Makeup Artist, Aki Maekubo, digs deep to discover the depth of beauty, as the features of the face erupt. Breaking free from the chains that bind, we stop to consider what we stand to lose. Hairstylist, Katsumi Matsuo, moves through the mindset of modernity as the evolution of hair takes hold. In Athena Chen’s write-up we remember the words of Salvador Dali, “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” These words don’t just answer a question of aesthetics they capture the power of true poetry. The art of authenticity celebrates the act of mental connection. A mere click may make you look as if you’re something specific, but, it will never let you become something unique. Photoshop isn’t a physiological event, it’s a mark of superficiality. The depth of defiance is discovered as we stop to consider what we really stand to lose.






a function

of fathom

an act of retreat

come in close

feel my breath

hold me back

to the wall

wait for the signal

of what will then fall

ride the winds of forever

is the road I will take

a slow moving dream

a shimmer a shake

the darkness will come

the river will rise

but nothing will touch

those strong ties that bind.

original poetry – tanyajo

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