David Beckham in ‘Game Changer’ by Collier Schorr for Another Man

David Beckham shows us the brooding beauty of the male species in ‘Game Changer’ shot by Collier Schorr for Another Man. The sculpted artistry of this mega-man is undeniable, but, the rhythm of his heart-beat is truly soulful. Creative Director, Alister Mackie, captures the tattered remnants of history marked in tantalizing tattoos across his body. Style speaks in a collection of skin-bearing fashions by Belstaff, Bottega Veneta, Dunhill, Louis Vuitton &  PradaRaf Simons x Sterling Ruby. With the vibe of victory holding tight this phenom of nature wins the fight. An enticing look at the art of being Beckham, to follow the dark marks of poetry is to follow his dreams. Breaking through the pop-culture veneer, we get a glimpse at the man inside the myth. Fame is a monster, a hungry machine – feed it til’ it’s empty, then laugh until you scream. Read accompanying editorial at AnOther Magazine from, Tim Blanks.

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