Alessandra Ambrosio by Liz Collins for Lui Magazine, November 2014

Alessandra Ambrosio gives us a groovy version of Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! by Liz Collins for Lui, November 2014. The 70’s speaks, as Ambrosio gets all choked up playing a body-con babe in roller disco gear. Luring us in without being lewd, she knows how to show skin while still capturing the cute. Stylist, Anna Schiffel, devours vintage decadence with fashions that dig deep into the decade. Hot-pants speak with cheeky looks that come from American Apparel, Chanel, Charvet, Dior, Falke, Fifi Chachnil, KenzoMykitaPaul Smith and Riedell Nomadeshop. Cherry-bomb lips give off a glow, as (Makeup Artist) William Bartel invites the curves of her face to steal the show. The art of beauty keeps things fresh with natural color used to highlight the skin. Hairstylist, Vi Sapyyapy, sets the mane free, with wild waves that sail across the century and settle in for fun. Collins moves through the curves of the female form with fashions that celebrate the shape of things to come.

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