Tao Okamoto in ‘Hybrid Glamour’ by Tim Richardson for Models.com

Tao Okamoto steps into the hyper-real world of ‘Hybrid Glamour’ by Tim Richardson for Models.com. Computer generated creations take the lead as one stroke sets the story into the future. Breaking the Spacetime Continuum, (Fashion Director) Nicola Formichetti performs at his peak with surreal styles that blend into the binary barrier. Stepping into another dimension, these looks are less about cut-up clothing than a true connection. The power of perfection takes hold as other-worldly beauty caresses our soul. Makeup Artist, Maki Ryoke, captures a masterpiece of modernity with colors that wash over the face like a second skin. Architectural millinery jets off the head, as (Hairstylist) Brent Lawler brings the craft of haute couture home. The subtlety of human behavior comes through in this clip of code and corpuscle.


high speed wonder

I fell right down

picked myself up

off the ground

I sped so fast

sounds won’t stop

in this aching world

of art and pop

I lingered to long

watched hope fade

into a place

where trades are made

from all the beauty

that I can know

to the light & dark

of sinking snow

I’ll break the barriers

that love will bring

from what is strange

to what will sing.

original poetry – tanyajo