Constance Jablonski in ‘Cat Woman’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro, November 2014

Constance Jablonski shows us the feline side of fashion in ‘Cat Woman’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro, November 2014. Posed to Purrrfection, Jablonski is on the prowl, playing a revved up kitty with a whip. Bill Mullen creates an ode to the slinky side of style with a savage blend of leopard, fur, leather & lace. Costuming erupts with haute looks by Agent ProvocateurAlexis BittarChanelDolce & Gabbana, GucciHeather HueyJanis Savitt, La PerlaLost Art by Jordan BettenPhilip TreacyRalph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Urstadt Swan & Versace. Bronzed beauty set free, (Makeup Artist) Mariel Barrera sinks into sexy with colors that capture the cool side of cosmetics. The season of sly takes hold, with a brilliant blend of fetish inspired face-masks & crystal encrusted eye-wear. Hairstylist, Ward Stegerhoek, lets the fur fly free by topping the head with bejeweled bling. Prowling through the night, this pretty pussy (cat) knows how to play, as the art of accouterments saves the day.

constance 1constance jablonski for numero 5 Constance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-131 Constance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-141 Constance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-121constance jablonski for numeroConstance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-151Constance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-1881 Constance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-161 constance jablonski for numero 3Constance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-171 Constance-Jablonski-por-Greg-Kadel-para-Numéro-158-Novembro-2014-181