Kate Moss in ‘Kate’s World’ by Mario Testino for Vogue UK, December 2014

Kate Moss shows us the many sides of herself in ‘Kate’s World’ shot by Mario Testino for Vogue UK, December 2014. A Moment of Silence, as Testino puts the magic of Moss to the test. A pantheon of power moves through the pages, proving that passion truly comes from within. From Glasto-Girl to Disco-Queen, (Stylist) Lucinda Chambers goes way wild with velvet, fur, crystal and lace. The art of modern fashion speaks with exotic looks that are dripping in drama. The curves of her face steal the show with cheeks so sharp she’s ready to blow. Makeup Artist, Charlotte Tilbury, takes us from clean/fresh to full-on color with pretty pouts that really pop. A collection of coiffed creations shine, as (Hairstylist) Sam McNight lets each image unleash a unique side of the super star. With dramatic angles designed to devour, Mario/Moss builds beauty that will take your breath away.

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