Dajana Antic in ‘Exposure to Color’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue Japan, January 2015

Dajana Antic finds the light in ‘Exposure to Color’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue Japan, January 2015. Blown out and beautiful, features come alive as Hassett uses the camera to capture a reversal of fortune. Inverting the process, each piece shines by showing us the backwards way to tomorrow’s beauty. The power of these pictures speak, as eyes and lips penetrating the page. Makeup Artist, Marla Belt, sets the face on fire with features that flood our minds with the art of overexposure. As a dynamic range of cosmetics converge negative imagery dares to emerge. Awash in refracted color, the skin pulls you in, by blasting out an unbearable lightness of being. Under an x-ray of avant-garde inversion, opposing forces attract, as vivid visions come to life.


beauty burns

daylight turns

from dark

until the dawn,

babies cry

willows weep

as shadow spirits

dare to sleep,

until the day

that i can say

all will finally

go my way,

i’ll close my eyes

twist and turn

light the match

and watch it burn,

beauty breaks

my heart still aches

as i pray for it to mend,

i’ll leave today

or will i stay

on a trip that

dares to end.

original poetry – tanyajo

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