Barbara Palvin in ‘Cruising’ by Marcin Tyszka for Vogue Portugal, January 2015

Barbara Palvin is ready for the stage in ‘Cruising’ by Marcin Tyszka for Vogue Portugal, January 2015. Cloaked in a series of props/frocks, (Stylist) Paulo Macedo covers Palvin in the power of pantomime. Capturing our imagination, comedy erupts, in this quirky look at the art of modern fashion. Vintage flavors show some flare with a bold collection of eye-popping fare, circa 1960’s. With an inventive array of creative costuming this colorful editorial is destined for fun. Makeup Artist, Cristina Gomes, gets the party going with dueling beauty that includes faux brows, a pencil mustache and a ten-gallon top hat. Proving she can do things twice as nice, this double sided story takes us from prim & proper to edgy & outrageous. Destined for the spotlight, (Hairstylist) Miguel Viana divides a slicked-back dew with hues that dare to break in-two – Ombre Olé. Vaudeville done with a twist, this performance piece celebrates the fire of the female spirit and the art of the one woman show.

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