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Daria Strokous falls prey to the night prowler in ‘La Proie’ shot by Daniel Sannwald for Numéro #160. Sartorial darkness never looked so smooth as Strokous stands on the cutting-edge of avant-garde art. Excess lures us in as Patti Wilson takes a pioneering pathway to modern style. Ebony fashion speaks with Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Maison Martin Margiela, Ralph Lauren Collection & Versace. Makeup Artist, Sil Bruinsma, captures the essence of brooding beauty with blown out brows & purrrfectly lined lids. The cat eye curtails casting liquid lashes that lure over a clean face. Innovative artistry arrests the soul in this bewitching scene of decadent dreams. Coming up new with an altered dew, (Hairstylist) Rutger shocks us shear with a dark wig coiffed to wonder. The evolution of revolution has arrived in this phenomenal fusion of futuristic fashion.

daria-strokous-by-daniel-sannwald-for-numc3a9ro-160-february-2015 daria-strokous-by-daniel-sannwald-for-numc3a9ro-160-february-2015-1 daria-strokous-by-daniel-sannwald-for-numc3a9ro-160-february-2015-3 Daria Strokous Daniel Sannwald Numéro 2Daria Strokous Daniel Sannwald Numéro 4daria-strokous-by-daniel-sannwald-for-numc3a9ro-160-february-2015-10Daria Strokous Daniel Sannwald Numéro Daria Strokous Daniel Sannwald Numéro02daria-strokous-by-daniel-sannwald-for-numc3a9ro-160-february-2015-7 Daria Strokous Daniel Sannwald Numéro 01daria-strokous-by-daniel-sannwald-for-numc3a9ro-160-february-2015-8 numero-daria-strokous-2015 (1)