Josephine le Tutour & Valery Kaufman in ‘lick me I’m delicious’ by Theo Wenner for i-D

Josephine le Tutour & Valery Kaufman get up close and personal in ‘lick me I’m delicious’ shot by Theo Wenner for i-D magazine, Winter 2014. The power of the lips pulls us in with luscious looks that mesmerize the senses. The camera gets close as the temperature rises, in this evocative piece of forced perspective photography. An exquisite look at the art of modern makeup, (Artist) Aaron de Mey uses craft of cosmetics to create the look of love. Richness spreads over the face as each feature focuses on the shine. A moody blue collection of colors spring up, as a gaze of purple is cast over the eyes. From magenta/violet to cerulean/coral, the secret of sensation is written in the hue. Vivid and intense, chroma is saturated in a tint of salvation giving the story wings to fly. Hairstylist, Akki, uses the similarity of tone & texture to capture the sisterhood of shade. A kiss of rouge meets my lips as I fall into your arms, a tale of beauty forever tells the truth that burns inside my charms.

Dreams Speak…

Fingers brush

across the skin

as insects

come to play,

youth brings

a buoyant

charm to life

as I long to

to hear you say…

I flap my wings

to reach the sky

let my face meet

winds on high

spread my hope

across the land

let it sink to share…

Beauty breaks

passion takes

pain and lets it fly

I’ll make a wish

and fall for love

a dream that

never dies…

A solemn truth

that fills the heart

keeps the hurt away

I’ll fight for freedom

– live for love

on a cold, brisk,

Winter day…

original poetry – tanyajo


Josephine Le Tutour By Theo Wenner For I-D josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-1 josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-7 (2)josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-4 josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-3josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-5josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-7 (1) josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-6 (1) josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-2josephine-le-tutour-valery-kaufman-by-theo-wenner-for-i-d-magazine-winter-2014-8