Nika Cole & Diana Khalitova in ‘You Look Electrifying’ Sølve Sundsbø for i-D, Winter 2014

Nika Cole & Diana Khalitova light it up in ‘You Look Electrifying’ by Sølve Sundsbø for i-D Magazine, Winter 2014. Dynamic images fly on high as beauty comes to bare, voltage bolts, as dreams defy the magic in the air. Electromagnetic marks divine as (Makeup Artist) Val Garland brings the abstract world of modern illusion to life. Blood-red tears streak the cheeks as yellow stands its ground, red lips peak as silence speaks, in all-for-nothing sound. Raw pours its power through the page causing synergy to spark and friction to fuse. Hairstylist, Angelo Seminara, embraces the elements by letting the dews flow free and freak flags fly. Graphic images unfold, as the pulse pounding passion of luminescent beauty dares to rage on. Colors flow…waves wake the face…as diamonds dust the skin.

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