Rhianna Porter in ‘Eye Catcher’ by Takahito Sasaki for Schön! Magazine, Winter 2014

Rhianna Porter plays with our mind in ‘Eye Catcher’ shot by Takahito Sasaki for Schön!, Winter 2014. Dangling from the angles of anomaly lives another world. Constellations collide as…all coincidences have meaning, all meaning has truth. Reaching in from the deepest sources of destiny, synchronicity represents our unconscious awareness of life. A mirror image of excellence reflects, as (Stylist) Karina Tanabe Jones rides on the daring side of avant-garde fashion. Modern fair creates a fusion of fabrics with leather, lace, fur and brocade. Beauty breaths as life concedes in this harrowing tale called hope. Makeup Artist, Jennifer Avins, rings the palate of persuasion in an effort capture the clarity of tone. Creativity explodes, allowing mahogany to melt across the lids and sweet peach to rush over the lips. Lost in a dreamy blend of artistry and excess, soft colors warm up the face in a fervor of pure fantasy. Dews deliver, as Atsushi Takita pops with high-flying hair that falls free & intermittently. The outdoors devour as the ‘Eye Catcher’ sees all…each and every action creates a ripple in the universe.