Kendall Jenner in ‘Boobs’ by Steven Klein for Love No.13, SS 2015

Kendall Jenner, Lexi Boling, Malgosia Bela, Caroline Trentini & Trevor Van Uden embrace anatomy of the ample in ‘Boobs’ by Steven Klein for Love Magazine. To wear the body of another is to bare the soul of real change. Fashion Director, Panos Yiapanis, took the topic of obsession and turned it on its head in this celebration of the extreme. Altered styles steal the show from BalenciagaBalmainDolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, Marc Jacobs, Miu MiuPrada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Proenza Schouler, Valentino, Vera Wang and Yohji Yamamoto. An exquisite take on avant-garde art, this spectacle of modernity embraces unique designs. The features of the face are all but erased in this poetic piece of makeup magic. By bleaching out the eyebrows, Sammy Mourabit, brings blown out beauty to the forefront. Hairstylist, Akki, ushers in an era of pseudo-dews with (blonde, brown & black) wigs worn, waist-long, with a part staring straight down the center.

Entering silicone nation, we step into a state of illusion, as models proudly wear breast & buttock prosthetics. Watching this topic gain momentum, Yiapanis points out, the surge of interest may be a passing phase. Rather than focusing on one person or shape, (think Kim Kardshian), this implores us to explore the female psyche from a unique angle. Most notably is the fact that many of the so-called “full-figures” we celebrate, have been purchased. And, while I have no problem with that choice, per se, I would like to remind us that these bodies are not real. Booties and bosoms steal the show in this shape shifting piece of augmented art. Christien Tinsley for – Hollywood ProstheticTinsley Studio. Original Poetry Follows…

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Beauty Blooms

Breath in the Art of Beauty

Breath Out the Pain of the Past,

For all the Hurt that Lives in You

Is Nothing That Will Last.

I Sulk, I Seeth…

I Ache, I Breath…

For All That Comes to Me,

I Beg, I Plead…

I Yearn, I Need…

To Be What I Will Be.

~ Love Succumbs ~

 ~ As Life Lives On ~

original poetry – tanyajo