i-D Pre-Spring 2015

Rihanna celebrates the sounds of music in ‘Play Loud’ by Paolo Roversi for i-D Magazine, Pre-Spring 2015. After three years in the making, Rihanna has returned with her eighth album, FourFiveSeconds. Posing for iD’s Music Issue, this super-star shows us how it’s done as she moves into a new artistic era. The soul of purity capturing the art of noise, she lures us in with the sounds of sheer joy. Secure in herself, this woman is a stunning example of the power of female freedom. Alastair McKimm, finds the rhythm of style by showing us the sexy side of jean-wear. Raw & real, (Makeup Artist) Yadim uses the features of the face to ignite the fire of passion. Art succumbs as beauty becomes, letting each shot brings us closer to the truth. Hairstylist, Yusef Williams, builds beguiling braids that sit up and roll tight or fall down and hang long. Robyn Rihanna Fenty stands strong in this exquisite mix of fashion and funk.

Rihanna by Paolo Roversi for i-D 2 rihanna-by-paolo-roversi-for-i-d-magazine-pre-spring-2015rihanna-by-paolo-roversi-for-i-d-magazine-pre-spring-2015-1Rihanna by Paolo Roversi for i-D rihanna-by-paolo-roversi-for-i-d-magazine-pre-spring-2015-2 rihanna 1rihanna-by-paolo-roversi-for-i-d-magazine-pre-spring-2015 (2)