Pop Magazine

Gemma Ward pops off the page in Prada by Harley Weir for Pop #32, Spring/Summer 2015. Subtle in its presentation, this layout is a perfect example of the genius of Gemma. A dynamic combination of raw and real, the phenom of her force is something you just can’t fake. Always one to evoke a deep sense of meaning, shallowness takes a backseat to the truth of her being. Not afraid to show some skin, (Makeup Artist) Asami Taguchi embraces aesthetic energy with subtle shades of natural beauty. The art of individuality erupts with features that celebrate the face. Hairstylist, Tamara Mcnaughton, brings out the bohemian side with carefree curls that beam both up and down. Like a phoenix gliding through the night this dynamic creature was borne to take flight. Poetry is found in the art of her glare, passion is captured in the grace of her stare.

gemma-ward-pop-magazine-spring-2015cc Gemma Ward By Harley Weir For Pop 3 Gemma Ward By Harley Weir For Pop 5 Gemma Ward By Harley Weir For Pop 8 gemmagemma-ward-pop-magazine-spring-2015