Adam Driver exposes us to a ‘Brave New World’ covered by Inez & Vinoodh for VMan #33, S/S 2015. To be lured into a moment, to be tied to temptation and told you can stay, to linger in the long breaths of beauty that begin with openness and end with forgiveness, that is a gift. Those willing to bring the heat are the one’s in touch with the fullness of their fire. Stylist, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, invites us to experience the energy of this thespian master, with solemn shots that truly shine. Fashion distracts with Louis Vuitton designs that evoke the extensions of the inner spirit. Possessing the ability to both break-down & build up is an open denial of the dominance of his sex. From worldly decadence to soft-spoken hero, each image projects personal power. To know your own your mind is to understand your true center. I find that female ferocity does move me, but, when art speaks (regardless of the gender) I listen. Lifting our real ‘Stars’ into the stratosphere and finally letting talent speak, is when we unleash the illusion. Willing to extend ourselves to meet this man’s invitation, is an experience we don’t want to miss. The truth lifts us up bravery keeps us bound. This graduate of the famed, Julliard School for the Gifted, finds the fierceness of fragility is marked by a tender soul. The art of Adam erupts as he proves that the purity is empowered by the veracity of spirit.

VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_2 VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_1VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_5VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_3 VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_9VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_4 VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_7VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_6 VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_8 VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_10 VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_11 VMan__33_Spring_Summer_2015_Adam_Driver_cover