Chloë Sevigny by Brianna Capozzi for Marfa Journal No.3

Chloë Sevigny ‘Puts the Hot in Psychotic’ in this cheeky piece by Brianna Capozzi for Marfa Journal No.3. Proud is not a word I just throw around, but, to feel the force of unrelenting power is undeniable. Life is found in the gems of inspiration as each piece praises the spirit of enlightenment. A provocative tale of pleasure extolled, to honor rather than obey is to find the goodness that feeds the soul. Stylist, Haley Wollens, embarks on a journey of self discovery with avant-garde fashions that dare to divulge. From playful and plucky to passionate and profound, each interpretation honors the extreme. Photographic journalism erupts with pictorial evidence that pushes the limits of creativity. Never one to shy away this girl shows us how to hold on to the handle bars of life. Jumping all in, she selflessly believes that the highs/lows of success or failure are merely incidental. To be an actress one must be willing to sacrifice privacy, to be an artist one must be willing to serve unconditionally. A retreat from repudiation this beautiful creature always braves the truth. Chloë discovers that the deepest part of the psyche would be, at worse, an exercise in futility, at best, a trip into the tenuous teachings of the mind. Fashion goes extreme with a crustacean crawling on her crotch and a thick chain laying between her legs. Divine in her devotion to the art of stage/screen – this thespian shows us that nothing is off limits.

The Confines of Chloë…

I ache, I bleed

I heal, I need

for all that’s

meant to be,

a tacid taste

of all the waste

that’s waiting

there for me,

body beautiful

soul complete

heart still aches

body still eats

take my hand

hug the wall

for hope has

found a home.

original poetry – tanyajo

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