Chloë Sevigny & Liv Tyler Star in ‘Legs Are Not Doors’ by Harley Weir for Proenza Schouler

Chloë SevignyLiv Tyler & Binx Walton show us their real sides in ‘Legs Are Not Doors’ Directed by Harley Weir & Jen Brill for Proenza Schouler. With a low-budget cult vibe this film was inspired by the ‘gritty 90s documentary series Real Sex and Taxicab Confessions.’ A celebration of the Spring 2015 Collection, this captures the art of being real. One of the most stirring collections of the season, this represents the power of the modern woman. Driven by a gender kinship this collaboration embodies the foundation of the female form. While utterly unscripted each picture gives us a sneak peek into the inner world of ferocity. Chloë comes on soft but explodes with power, while Liv, expresses honest emotions being ripe with pregnancy. Stylist, Sara Moonves, gives us a vintage vibe with fashions that are more about a feeling than an expression. From the bright red lip on Liv to the all natural face on Binx, (Makeup Artist) Susie Sobol proves that beauty is only skin deep. Adding color can lift you up, but to reach the real highs you must to be willing to fly. To be connected you have to be willing to connect. This film forges forward, finding that the seeds of fearlessness live in us all. “We call these women our muses in that they are all women that have kept us creatively inspired over the years. They each bring very diverse and unique qualities to the table and they all have that certain X-factor that we are incredibly attracted to,” Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez (Proenza Schouler). These 10 brave women show us that true beauty lives in the triumph of the moment. I stretch… I ache… I dare to take… what was meant for me. I burn… I break… I long to make… the journey that I see.

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