Karlie Kloss in Chic Video ‘I’ll Be There’ Shot by Inez & Vinoodh

Karlie Kloss is très Chic in ‘I’ll Be There’ a video creatively captured by Inez & Vinoodh. Nile Rodgers returns (after 23 years) with Daft Punk in this divine piece of redone music magic. Kloss captures our imagination by sliding into a sleek state of disco dreams. Stylist, Brandon Maxwell, goes completely authentic with an amalgamation of retro inspired gear. Artfully arranged each picture pulls you further into another world. In little-black bikini briefs and a red sweater falling off one sleeve (a’la Flashdance), her body rocks to the rhythm and drives to the beat. Long limbs wrap around the room as each shot celebrates the art of pure movement. Rockin’ out single, this girl is decked in an all white jumpsuit, and ready to mingle. 70’s disco never looked so divine with vintage surroundings marked on fashion forward. In one of the most exciting visuals of the season, (Makeup Artist) Wendy Rowe captures the flavor of the decade with still moving ahead. With beauty that blends into any era, each frame finds the art of the face, while still feeling the beat. Hairstylist, Shay Ashual, goes with the flow with hair that starts in a pony and ends long and free. This stereo phonic sound will leave you spinning, asking yourself, ‘is this real or is it pure fantasy?’ An evocative take on the power of youth, this video reminds us that true vision doesn’t lye in a date, rather is lives in the moment.

karlie-kloss-chic-nile-rogers-video-still-2015-billboard-650 (1)chic-ill-be-there-nile-rodgers-video-01Karlie Kloss for Chic 1karlie kloss chic 7karlie-kloss-stars-in-chic-s-i-ll-be-thereKarlie-Kloss-Music-Video-Chickarlie kloss video by inez & vinoodhchic-12