Larissa Hofmann & Sang Woo Kim by Daniel Sannwald for Antidote Magazine

Larissa Hofmann & Sang Woo Kim go face first into S/S 2015, with Dior in the ‘Digital Issue Viewed by Daniel Sannwald‘ for Antidote Magazine. Bound in beauty each shot embraces the overt nature of our obsession with perfection. Isamaya Ffrench does a masterful mix of modern makeup with images that celebrate the art of interpretation. The future of the face is here & now with exotic color combinations that make you go, WOW! Wire is wrapped around the face as jewels hang like ornaments on a tree. Dangerously unique, bangles dangle in bold defiance as restriction dares the wearer to openly speak. Extreme decorations or an overt statement, these shiny objects set out to redefine aesthetics. Lit from within, the skin gives an otherworldly glow as each look lingers in the excess. Both gorgeous & gory, Ffrench pulls you in ‘with models that seem more like mannequins.’ The power of perception is artfully engaged in this evocative take on seeing the truth. With bloodshot beauty ready to cry our vision is tested with a pearl in the eye. 

 Find Your Freedom…

I deign to look

I dare to see

all that I am

meant to be

I ache to know

I long to live

the life that’s

meant for me

the string of silence

bares the truth like

secrets made of stone

a wrap that keeps my

sisters lost and all alone

it sparkles in the sunlight

like diamonds on a string

it stops and casts a shadow

while dancing on the skin

 original poetry – tanyajo

isamaya ffrench 004
isamay ffrench 01isamaya ffrenchisamaya ffrench 17