Monica Cima & Hannare Blaauboer in ‘Appetite for Attraction’ by Nicolas Guerin for Revs #14

Monica Cima and Hannare Blaauboer are hungry for love in ‘Appetite for Attraction’ shot by Nicolas Guerin for Revs #14, Taste Issue. Sensuality speaks, showing us that through the torch of temptation satisfaction is found. I fondle freely and feel my way for the art of fashion is life’s only way. Imagery evokes a sense of female empowerment, as each picture plays with the concept of modernity. Sonia Logerot dares to blend overt eroticism with the soulful styling of fashionable fulfillment. From a black leather bustier to a floral embroidered camisole, these avant garde garments use intimate apparel as a source of strength. Talent dictates the depth of our triumph as designs devour the divine. Skin over skin, (Makeup Artist) Virginie Rascle lets ravenous colors capture our imagination with dark tones that invite us to explore. Passion erupts allowing the eyes to express a wild hunger while lips exude a magnetic pull. Beauty becomes as art succumbs to the silent sounds of satisfaction. Dramatic faces look fierce with crystal encrusted masks topped with spiked head-gear. Hairstylist, Christian Attuly, captures coiffed creations with dews that go from wet/sleek to wild/free. A dreamy blend of decadence explodes as an evocative aura takes hold. Behind a wild mist, (Creative Director) Sheri Chiu exposes us to the moody surroundings of the seductive side. To mimic the melody of time… to salivate for the sublime… each shot signifies our obsession with immortality.

monica-cima-hannare-blaauboer-nicolas-guerin-revs-14-1monica-cima-hannare-blaauboer-nicolas-guerin-revs-14-9Nicolas Guerin 'Appetite for Attraction' for Revs #14 17monica-cima-hannare-blaauboer-nicolas-guerin-revs-14-3monica-cima-hannare-blaauboer-nicolas-guerin-revs-14-8monica-cima-hannare-blaauboer-nicolas-guerin-revs-14-4Nicolas Guerin 'Appetite for Attraction' for Revs #14 16Nicolas Guerin 'Appetite for Attraction' for Revs #14 7 Nicolas Guerin 'Appetite for Attraction' for Revs #14 8 Nicolas Guerin 'Appetite for Attraction' for Revs #14 18monica-cima-hannare-blaauboer-nicolas-guerin-revs-14-2monica-cima-hannare-blaauboer-nicolas-guerin-revs-14-7