Toni Garrn by Hunter & Gatti for Tush Magazine, 10th Anniversary Issue

Toni Garrn plays both sides in a daring layout for the 10th Anniversary Issue by Hunter & Gatti for Tush Magazine. Inspired by the neo-expressionist paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat, this celebrates last season’s Art Basel Exhibit in Miami, “I Will Make You a Star.” Cloaked in chaos camouflaged in truth, each shot invites us to delve deeper into our subconscious. Red, black & white are cast into glorious face masks with defiant stripes covering the skin. Stylist, Brandon Maxwell, goes from sporty to sexy with a stunning selection of cool, crisp designs. The fashion of facade ensues with a powerful dynamic that dares us to switch the bitch. From ethereal to avant-garde these pictures reflect on the duality of the divine. While many consider this non-color a sign of purity, I think of it as a symbol of strength. Beauty borne to be seen (Makeup Artist) Niki M’nray lets freshness evoke true freedom. Paint finds its way from the face to the jacket with defiant writing done in handwritten letters. When the art of life becomes about an artificial escape then humanity (itself) can feel unnatural. Authenticity asks that we explore our more transient selves, openly accepting the imperfection that makes us unique. Hairstylist, Paco Garrigues, rides the waves of extreme with locks that go from short/sassy to faux/long. Tempting but tasteless… perfection is made for porcelain, we are built of flesh and bone. This story tells us to take back who we are and to be, Perfectly Human.

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