Anya Lyagoshina in ‘All That Glitters’ by Benjamin Lennox for

Anya Lyagoshina stars in ‘All That Glitters’ a stunning story shot by Benjamin Lennox for Brilliance bursts onto the scene with powerful pictures that explode. Gilded pleasures pave the way in this shimmering array of gold filled play. The canvas of creation is found as foiled and freckled fantasy lives on. Liquid gold pours out of the mouth as the tip of the finger fearlessly finds its way to the face. Makeup Artist, Violette, embraces the essence of natural beauty while honest inspiration endures. Art emanates off of the skin with simple pleasures seen in the power of pretty. A picture of pure illusion, this piece celebrates the virtues of intoxicating allure. Modernity erupts as (Hairstylist) Vi Sapyyapy dares us with his dew. Each image embraces the phenomenon of innovation with creativity captured in the form of the extreme. By experimenting with the idea of avant-garde invention we embark on a journey of truth. To tell a tale of morality one must be willing to find their righteous center. Pouring metal into the mouth each shot explores the value of honesty. If we honor what we speak, as if it were as powerful as pure gold, then to talk in liquid syllables symbolizes the truth.

Anya Lyagoshina by Bejamin LennoxAnya Lyagoshina in 'All That Glitters' by Benjamin Lennox 011Anya Lyagoshina by Bejamin Lennox 3Anya Lyagoshina by Bejamin Lennox 4Anya Lyagoshina by Bejamin Lennox 5Anya Lyagoshina by Bejamin Lennox 8