Constance Jablonski in ‘Estado de Gracia’ by Nagi Sakai for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, May 2015

Constance Jablonski feels the fire of female power in ‘Estado de Gracia’ by Nagi Sakai for Harper’s Bazaar Spain. The camera captures the curves of her body like a lover in heat. Constance carries us away in this evocative study in the art of women’s wiles. Looking outside of myself I seek approval only to find that I’m waiting at my front door. Seeing past the glossy finish, these pictures show us that a strong woman is the sexiest thing imaginable. Stylist, Juan Cebrián, catapults this story forward with a stunning selection of Summer selections. The architecture of modern bathing costumes explode with dominate designs of black/white/red. Beach fashion never looked so chic with suits that parade from vaguely vintage to erotically extreme. Natural beauty shines as (Makeup Artist) Makky P uses natural colors to highlight strong features. The eyes light up and shape the skin as the lure of the lips will pull you in. A spectacle of sensation, the face erupts with shades that range from burning bronze to raging red. Hairstylist, Pasquale Ferrante, goes all nature with flowing locks that ride the waves from wet to wild. Fighting for the sake of perfection is to be fighting for the right to nothing. Seeking for something that doesn’t exist is an exercise in dormancy. Who and what you let into your life is a reflection of who you are. Being a host to that kind of guest is sure to leave you feeling alone. The fire of the female will empower you to give up the ghost and find true peace.