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Gigi Hadid invites us into the new world of modern modeling, by Alexei Hay for Adweek Magazine, The Millennial Issue. Exploring her artistic side, this gorgeous girl shows us that she’s on her way to becoming a Supermodel. With co-rings leaders that include Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, these Millennial Models are known as the ‘Instagirls.’ A group of young women who are daring to brave a whole new world. Stylist by Sarah Gore Reeves celebrates high fashion fun with bold colors covered in silver studs. Grungy never looked so cool with Hadid digging in and gaming to get dirty. By taking us from a futuristic cover-girl to an artistic chic freak, this girl knows how to give us the edge. Serene goes extreme as (Makeup Artist) Vincent Oquendo captures the poetry of perfection with features that speak. Eye popping and utterly beautiful, we see why she is screaming all the way to the top. The art of authenticity cannot be taught. When navigating the unruly waters of social media, one must beware. A dangerous game, to take on dueling worlds can almost feel antithetical. However, Gigi is that rare creature who may have the power to blend high fashion & high numbers. And brands have taken notice too. Over the past year she has scored big contracts with the likes of Tom Ford, Victoria’s Secret Pink and Maybelline.

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