Kate Moss in ‘Piece of Kate’ by Craig McDean for W Magazine, May 2015

Kate Moss captures the art of the imagination in ‘Piece of Kate’ by Craig McDean for W Magazine, May 2015. Proving that Miss Moss is Far Greater than the Sum of her Parts, this story exposes the person on the inside. Emoting feelings from the depths of her soul this is a celebration of the truth. Punctuated with raw power each piece gives us a unique picture of the female form. Stylist, Olivier Rizzo, lets the body speak from Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein Collection, Céline DiorGiorgio Armani, Falke, Gucci, J.W. Anderson, Miu Miu, Only Hearts, Prada, Proenza Schouler Valentino. Form-fitting fashion slips over the skin like so many curves creating positive tension. Dark fabrics evoke a sense of subtlety, while inventive positions leave us utterly inspired. The mystery of makeup entices as Peter Philips lures us in with a brilliant blend of modern beauty. From a swipe of an eye to the sweep of a cheek, the suppleness of her skin tells a story from within. I close my eyes and aim to see all that beauty has waiting for me. The power of purity exudes from the face as each shot invites us to explore the nuance of natural energy. Hairstylist, Anthony Turner, lets the blonde dew fly loose as wild waves wonder free. The fullness of the female form is on display, with bold images that bring us home. Flooded in fantasy… Moss reminds us that the female body exudes an exotic sexiness like no other.

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