“Superhero Makeup: Do It All & Kick Ass” by Owen Bruce for ELLE Canada, May 2015

Senait Gidey & Dauphine McKee show us how to pop with a Pow in ‘Superhero Makeup: Do It All & Kick Ass’ by Owen Bruce for ELLE Canada. The power of patent leather pops in this playful editorial that celebrates the art of female flair. Superheros give severe style with divine wears decked out in black/red/white & gold. Stylist, Juliana Schiavinatto, brings the heat with body-con looks that capture the flavor of the 70’s. Fashion finds its comic way with PVC vinyl topped with high-gloss plastic play. Disco rich and ready to blow. The decade of decadence emerges with crystallized colors that capture our imagination. Elevating the art of beauty, (Makeup Artist) Lloyd Simmonds takes the theme of the 70’s to supreme new heights. Rich tints dare to erupt with eye-popping gloss designed to devour. Modernity makes its mark with dark lines drawn under bleached-out brows. As glistening intensity jets across the lids, with dynamic shades that run a race to the hairline. The lure of the lips pull us in with a crushing blend of berry-black & cherry-red. Topped with a pop, gorgeous talons send a message of strength. Hairstylist, Tony Masciangelo gets creative with buns & braids that go wild & free. Deep chic never looked so cool – with a long, gold face-chain that celebrates the strength of today’s woman – and our long-awaited day of reckoning.

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