Agnes Nieske & Eva Kaper by Arnaud Lajeunie for Novembre Magazine

Agnes Nieske & Eva Kaper bring the heat in a ‘special Y PROJECT‘ captured by Arnaud Lajeunie for Novembre Magazine. The essence of neo-nature handled in the abstract notion of poetic aplomb. The incendiary shocks of Summer explode as each shot celebrates the cinema of high style. Georgia Pendlebury evokes a passion for high fashion, daring to fuel the avant-garde fire. From a twig-lined bustier to a fishnet tank top, each look appears to have been whittled in the woods. Outfits openly succumb to the surroundings allowing designs to mimic the attributes of individuality. Beauty burns as (Makeup Artist) Satoko Watanabe blends the fire of the face with the art of the outdoors. Looking ahead, the eyes/lips take center stage as the remaining features take a step back. Shadow speaks, with black lines struck across the lid and red striped across the mouth. The power of precision is here, with defining shapes that oppose perfection. A story that captures the essence of purity through the access of the extreme. Hairstylist, Chiao Chenet, teases the dew with a tint of hue, inviting the waves to fall loose & fly free. Originality meets with the soul of intention. Lajeunie lets the face of the future show itself in this exquisite piece filled with insightful edge.

Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_5Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_2Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_1Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_22Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_4Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_3Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_20Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_25Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_6Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_23_V2Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_10Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_17Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_7Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_19Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_24Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_14Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_12_V2Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_21Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_9Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_15Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_11_V2Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_13_V2Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_18Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_16 (1)Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_8 (1)Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_8Lajeunie_pendlebury_novembre_16