Anna Jagodzinska In ‘Blossom’ by Hunter & Gatti for HGIssue

Anna Jagodzinska emerges from a cocoon in ‘Blossom’ by Hunter & Gatti for HGIssue, Poïesis VII. The Graceful Butterfly… true beauty is realized in the act of becoming. Bringing to life the words of German Philosopher, Martin Heidegger, “The Blossom or Artistic creation can be a philosophical or poetical act.” Stylist, Alberto Murtra, rides on the avant-garde edge of fashion with dark looks designed to inspire. Wrapped in rope & wearing a harness, Anna finds herself both bound and free. The skin lights up as (Makeup Artist) Carol Guzman invites us to experience the beauty of becoming. Born to blossom, the butterfly blooms, artfully emerging from her comely cocoon. The lure of the lids invite us in as the pout of the lips penetrate. Tone-on-tone seduces our senses while her dark stare steals our soul. Good to glow, the skin lights up as ferocity emanates off the face. While eyes erupt with copper colored hues made to captivate. Hairstylist, Paco Garrigues, prepares to take flight with long strands of white/silver snaking out from the center. Darkness devours the scene as the lightness of locks lift us up. Bodies intertwine as beauty becomes… ‘The hunger to be,’ before and beyond, is to invite the truth of life inside.

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