Anne Lise & Maya Naylor in ‘Geiko’ by Nicolas Guerin for The Claw Fashionbook #2

Anne Lise Maulin & Maya Naylor celebrates the modern geisha in ‘Geiko’ by Nicolas Guerin for the Claw Fashionbook #2. Inspired by the traditional art of Japan. “The Geisha (gei = art she = person), translates to arts person or one trained in the cultural arts.” Stylist, Sonia Logerot, invites an onslaught of unique ideas by mixing in a fusion of fashion. Old and new unite in a story that explores the flavor of Japan. Geisha Girls devour the scene with evocative looks that embrace the theme. Garbed in avant-garde apparel, each look embodies the theatre of modern exotica. Enticed by the beauty of today, Stephanie Jacquet mixes authentic makeup costumed with creative accessories. From a white face that’s surrounded by a feathered border, to paint plastered over the skin. The pale pallor opens up our senses with dynamic applications designed to devour. Colors erupt with shots that show us the power of pageantry. Hairstylist, Cyril Laforet, reaches for the sky with high hair back-combed into nests of crafted coiffure. Haute art never looked so exotic with authentic looks surrounded by Geiko influenced ensembles. The past and future collide with inventive attire made to inspire.

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