Natasha Poly by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia June 2015

Natasha Poly invites us to explore the opulence of ecstasy in this exquisite editorial by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia. Wearing a stunning selection of scarlet red… this story reminds us that a hit of decadence will do you in as a rush of rouge will devour you. Stylist, Olga Dunina, fuels the fire with a florid flash of flaming fashions from Dsquared2, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Boucheron & Messika. Fiery features fill the page as images are flushed in a fury of madness. Brandishing beauty, Tyron Machhausen artfully entices with vibrant colors cast across the face. Creative cosmetics come to play with architectural eyes topped with exotic neo-brows. Letting the light fall across the cheek, makeup is enraptured in the magic of the moment. Poetic pictures are poised to perfection with shadows ready to burn. Sanguine shades sizzle as the richness of crimson brings the heat. Hairstylist, Vi Sapyyapy, defines the art of darkness with a short wig that’s shorned with sass. The power of disguise captured with the click of a camera. This scorching story embraces beauty of both sides. Poly plays a spirited doppelganger in this altered game of – Is the Mind (F**ked) or is Our Ego in Disguise.

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