Noomi Rapace by Camilla Akrans for Contributor Magazine

Noomi Rapace comes to terms with her own reality in ‘do or die,’ a bold look at the art of existence by Camilla Akrans for Contributor Magazine. Escaping the terminology of good vs. evil, Noomi redefines the concept of resurrection. By embracing her own natural status this actress/producer seeks to to find inner peace. Stylist, Robert Rydberg, celebrates the duality of human nature by showing us the beauty of both sides. The art of fashion flies free from feather wings by Tim Mårtenson & a feathered bolero by Saint Laurent, to dynamic dresses by Fadi el KhouryHermès, Givenchy, Maria Nordstrom & Yohji Yamamoto. The allure of the skin will pull you in as purity emanates from the face. Features rise to the light as (Makeup Artist) Ignacio Alonso inspires us to bring our true selves out. Michel de Montaigne (1533) writes a compelling treatise on the concept of death, “we should deprive death of the greatest advantage it has over us, we must disarm it of it’s novelty & strangeness.” To openly strip away the strange we turn the morbid into something mentally stimulating. Later, Lord Byron (1816) creates the powerful poem, “Darkness,” a compelling piece that looks at the idea of destruction from a Naturalistic (Secular) standpoint. While the 20th Century dystopian book, “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, embraces the core idea of human frailty by taking a more open approach to life. ‘Do or Die’ – a motto that Rapace lives by – while some see this as a call to arms, I view it as a revelation. Riding on the wings of an angel, this defining piece reminds us that, “Birds of Prey can be the most passionate creatures on the planet.”

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