Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Luigi & Iango for Lui Magazine, June 2015

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley evokes an aire of exposure by Luigi & Iango for Lui Magazine, June 2015. Posing with power, she works the angles with extraordinary aplomb. An evocative take on the art of exhibitionism. This femme-fatale has her day with an alluring array of sex & play. Embracing film noir, the 90’s erupts, as we revisit our infatuation with voyeurism. Stylist, Deborah Afshani, exposes us to the high side of fetish fashion with inviting looks that inspire. Moving with the prowess of a feline, she knows how to show it with the long lines of a jungle cat. Reveling in black licorice Lycra and teasing in a transparent trench. We fancy ourselves mesmerized by a gold snake slithering down her stomach paused poetically at the height of the hip. Beauty breaks free as (Makeup Artist) Georgi Sandev uses the power of pretty as an instrument of allure. The face finds the light with sultry eyes and screaming red lips. Teasing us with temptation, she takes a deep drag, as the cigarette sits sensually between her lips. An ode to the era’s cult classic, Basic Instinct. With the stones of Sharon Stone, this model gone actress captures a modern-day Catherine Tramell. Playing a temptress with a twist, Whiteley lures us in, captivating with every click of the camera. Redefining the concept of curves ahead, her body falls over the pages like the prose of erotic poetry.

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