Eniko Mihalik by David Roemer for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, June 2015

Eniko Mihalik borrows from the best of boho by David Roemer for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, June 2015. Curves ahead… From a flip of the hip to a lure of the leg, each shot celebrates the fire of the female form. 70’s Fashion was about feeling the freedom in an era that invited expressionism. Mihalik finds her inner gypsy with folksy fabrics and shape stealing silhouettes. Boho-Chic has arrived, with leather worn over a crocheted bikini and bare skin under a fringe-macramé vest. Stylist, Keegan Singh, brings the heat with hot, hot, hot pants that burn. Form fitting fashion captures every curve with looks that go from body-huggin’ low riders to stick-straight jeans. Taut skin pulls you in as Eniko bites the tail of her shirt, artfully exposing her supple stomach. Both evocative and playful, this is the mark of modeling genius. Beauty defined by the times, (Makeup Artist) Eric Polito reflects the decadence of the era by wrapping black liner entirely around the eyes. Hairstylist, Rolando Beauchamp, mixes it up with a modern Bob that makes reference to history while moving ahead. Most would pass this off as just another revved up piece of radical expressionism, but, I see it as something more. Born to be, this decade celebrates the spectrum of diversity that embraces vintage art. The canvas of creativity erupts as haute historic references possess the power to inspire.

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