Fei Fei Sun by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Italia, June 2015

Fei Fei Sun invites us to explore the extreme side shot by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Italia, June 2015. Beauty bares down on the surroundings as art echos through the air. Decadence & defiance merge in this daring tale of blended worlds. Stylist, Katy England, forges a fusion of fetish inspired fashion with the craft of haute couture. The culture of creativity comes to be as each image explores life from the outer limits. Embodying both sides of sensuality, Sun succumbs to the story by playing a dominant doll with a submissive twist. From the luxury of leather to the finesse of fur, fabrics lead the way. Tall boots express an evocative aire while laced up line-kickers steal the show. Free floating gems are strewn across the face as crystals shine in the light. Beauty beguiles as Yadim mimics makeup with facial jewels that redefine the act of defiance. Ferocity seen in the form of tribal inspired nose rings, chains and studs. Piercings penetrate the skin allowing each image to represent inner power. Eyes scream an avant-garde shout with upside down wings that speak to the future. While brows frame in toward the nasal bridge boldly jetting out the other side. Hairstylist, Malcom Edwards, creates a masterpiece of modernity with clean coiffure covered in ring-chains. From a high hair bow acting as ears to double-sided (sticky) buns, this fulfills our fantasies. Hard & soft wrap around each other as Fei Fei forgoes pleasure in lieu of gaining authentic passion. Tribal inspired artistry evokes inner strength – telling us – to find ourselves is to find the truth.
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