Fernanda Tavares by Hugo Toni for Vogue Brazil, July 2015

Fernanda Tavares feels the need for high fashion speed by Hugo Toni in Vogue Brazil, July 2015. Bringing the heat, this story treads some serious torque with body-hugging gears that celebrate biker flair. Racing through a ring of fire my mind lights up as style mimics speed. Henrique Tank goes authentic with looks that invite the rider into the mix. Taking the scenic route this rushes from neo-infused futuristic to authentically inspired street-chic. Playing a babe-magnet, this female cyclist cuts the curves with a brutally cool blend of shape shifting pads. Beautiful bones make a statement as (Makeup Artist) Krisna Carvalho uses the features as a frame for the face. Fierceness extends from the piercing of the brown eyes to the lusciousness of the full lips. Going for girl-code, this dynamic duster-doll grinds it up by peeling out with pure power. Hairstylist, Juliana Angelo, creates cool cornrows with a head-topper lined in parallel braids. From a high-top bun to a free-flowing pony the daring of the dew matches the growl of the girl. Hip/hot and ready to burn each image embraces the concept of co-creation. Capturing the idea of hot motocross-mamas, this biker babe peels her way into a speed dream with gorgeous gear that looks like she’s just burnt rubber.



fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-8-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-3-602x840 fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-2-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-131-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-6-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-101-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-7-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-5-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-1-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-121-602x840fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-41-602x840 (1)fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni-for-vogue-brazil-june-2015-9-602x840 (1)fernanda-tavares-by-hugo-toni