Lindsey Wixson by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, July 2015

Lindsey Wixson plays the part in this retro revival by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, July 2015. Beauty gets all revved up as (Makeup Artist) Regine Bedot gives classic cosmetics a leg up. Luring lids will pull you in with eye-defining liner shapes that’ll getcha. As a fresh face blooms with red lips that look ready for a kiss. Feeling the power of flowers pop off the page. Perennial colors come to be with a daisy dangling from her mouth. Pretty is as pretty does in this powerful piece of the past at play. Stylist, Franck Benhamou, gathers a stunning selection of 50’s inspired get-ups, all gone the vintage way. The past and future collide as history tells a unique tale of fashion evolving. From a star-studded mini-dress & polka dot poodle skirt, to a sleek, metallic frame fitting number – styles steal the show. Nostalgic imagery captures our imagination with an alluring array of sass & seduction. Dresses linked to a decade defy definition by daring to write their own rules. Taking a straight-edged approach to the art of interpretation, Unwerth unleashes the edge. Hairstylist, Alexandry Costa, resurrects a feel for the era with luxurious waves that ignite passion. When wild waves flow free we know we are in for a revival of retro proportions. Wixson garbs us out in this unbelievably cool shoot that explores the fun & flirty side of fashion. To find a connection to the past and “wear it forward,” that is the Unwerth way.

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