Magdalena Jasek by Victor Demarchelier for Numéro Magazine, June/July 2015

Magdalena Jasek is a walking work of modern art in ‘Rachel Feinstein‘ by Victor Demarchelier for Numéro Magazine, June/July 2015. Capturing different angles of the same face is like composing a multi-dimensional photo-collage… I looked into another world and there I was again, on top of all that’s good & fine that keeps my love akin. To stop & wonder look & breath at what it’s all about. To hope & ponder feel the need to scream a healthy shout. Pieces of me came to be in a crazy sit & spin. From way back when I marveled how to play a game I’d win. I looked around, fell to the ground and there I let it out. A cry of shame a scream of pain flooded from my mouth. To assemble diverse elements into an unlikely place can create a connection of the highest order. The beginning never ends and the ending never quits. To be both on top of the imagery and inside of the story, that is a cohesion of accord. Fragmented pieces put together to form an unlikely juxtaposition. Opposing shots take up the same surface yet supply a completely different outcome. Stylist, Charles Varenne, delivers avant-garde imagery, that when interfaced together, make a masterful vision. Embracing the exquisite nature of all things extreme takes us to another dimension. Saying goodbye to the past and able to see ahead, that is the mark of true maturity. Cutting things up in order to create something new inspires us to visit another realm of sub-reality.   

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