Intermission Magazine

Malgosia Bela gets lost in her own reflection in ‘White Moments’ by John Scarisbrick for Intermission Magazine, S/S 2015. Fantasy becomes reality as the mirror acts as a point of no return. Submitting on the surface while screaming just below. Virginal thoughts fill the mind as pure white garb faithfully fall across the swells of the skin. Bela confounds us with an ethereal appearance yet astounds us with an untamed heart. Standing on the line, her divine light of being breaks free while waiting for the wildness to be. Stylist, Melanie Huynh, captures lost innocence with a selection that feels anything but angelic. Themes are taken to the extreme with a layout the explores the art of opposition. Little white dresses divine in this tale that takes us somewhere between fantasy and fiction. Bela plays the part with high fashion that uses costumes more than haute couture. Beauty comes to bare as breaths take in the alabaster air. Strikes of soft makeup cross the skin as Kathy le Sant uses taupe colors to strengthen her already sharp features. Coming face to face with her own reflection, this story invites us into the immaculate world of ethereal ecstasy. Garbed in all white, Bela breaks through the walls of resistance – soulfully seeking the pathway to purity and opening the art of the unknown.

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