Nastya Sten by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh, June/July 2015

Nastya Sten wears a masque of many colors by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh Magazine, June/July ’15. With sharp combinations drawn in distinct shapes, (Makeup Artist) Stevie Huynh forgoes the obvious in search of the extreme. By applying shades of surprise to the surface of the skin, each shot exposes something new. Mind-bending metallic lights things up with a shiny mixture made to make pigments pop. Sapphire triangles come to play while fuchsia diamonds flood the face. Daring to expose us to an atmosphere of the intense. Hands speak a secret language, with gloves of purple/gold artfully rising up the arm. The power of all black penetrates the page with dark fashions that create an impenetrable palate. Catherine Newell-Hanson gets creative with couture by blending rich designs with avant-garde intention. Splitting the story from clean to crazy we see this as a study in the skin. Rafik explores our obsession with the body by pulling focus to the outer layers. Keeping things natural, (Hairstylist) Brian Buenaventura goes from wet to wild with long strands that fall free. An evocative take on the ingenuity of inventiveness. Posing as if she is part of an art installation, gold and purple fall through the fingers like silken sands of time.

nastya-sten-01-russh-june_july-2015-by-ward-ivan-rafik nastya-sten-by-ward-ivan-rafik-for-russh-magazine-june-july-2015-8 nastya-sten-05-russh-june_july-2015-by-ward-ivan-rafiknastya-sten-08-russh-june_july-2015-by-ward-ivan-rafik (1) nastya-sten-04-russh-june_july-2015-by-ward-ivan-rafikNastya Sten by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russhnastya-sten-03-russh-june_july-2015-by-ward-ivan-rafiknastya-sten-07-russh-june_july-2015-by-ward-ivan-rafikNastya Sten by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh 5Nastya Sten by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh 7