Cleo Cwiek in ‘Pierce My Skin, Tattoo My Heart’ by Jamie Nelson for Tush, July/August 2015

Cleo Cwiek evokes ornamental adornment in ‘Pierce My Skin, Tattoo My Heart’ by Jamie Nelson for Tush Magazine, July/August 2015. Come closer, no closer… and experience the exotic essence of facial jewelry. The past and future collide in this mysterious editorial that shares a sense of symmetry. Celebrate the ferocity of spirit with fired up females defined by decadence. Gems bring the bling with temporary-tats seen in the form of torso like tattoos. Enchanting elements are affixed to the skin with crystals borne over the body. Symbolic signage reigns free leaving upside/down tears to fall down the cheeks. Crying crosses from the eyes, Priscilla Ono glues embellished makeup straight to the face as neo-cosmetics crash in aesthetic upheaval. Black streaks build as dark beauty rises. Golden hoops lay hooded across the lids with pierced circles evenly spread over the entirety of brows. As diamonds cry out, a dagger appears speared through the center of the mouth. Unique attributes deign to defy as emblematic decals decorate the features. Hair Stylist, Elsa, puts baby hair on display as she teases tendrils into shape, emulating FKA TWIGS from i-D. Gorging on gorgeous, (Nail Artist) Julie Kandalec glues appliqués onto finger tips branding them in baubled brilliance. Secrets stick in adhesive excess as bravery dangles in artistic defiance. Read, Marthe Louisa Kroeger’s insightful piece, remember when I took you up to the top of the hillwe had our knives drawn… waiting for the fire to spread. The stones of sentiment seen through the savage nature of truth. Purity deviates from the norm as passion is emitted through primal power of skin jewels.  – Rhyme of Riddled Resonance Rejoices –

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