Crista Cober in ‘Persephone’ by Miguel Reveriego for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015

Crista Cober plays the mythological daughter of Zeus in ‘Persephone’ shot by Miguel Reveriego for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015. Abducted by the underworld, she vacillated between good/evil, in what came to be known as the Change of Seasons. Fashion evolves, as (Stylist) Ada Kokosar celebrates a dream where designs are backed by avant-garde accouterments. Auric ecstasy erupts as both sides come together in this dynamic blend of dark and light. Makeup Artist, Ozzy Salvatierra, forges features by blending extreme beauty from softly sacred to sexually savage. Persephone divided, Cober invites us to play a double-sided game on a gilded path of pleasure. Laying witness to change, her face alters expressions as she leaves us with looks that are utterly transformed. Armor ejects a sense of strength from a solid steel breast-plate to a floral head-mask. Adorned in excess, each shot evokes order while simultaneously searching to destroy. Wearing a crown of glory, (Hairstylist) Peter Gray goes golden by pouring hot metallic liquid over the head. Greek Mythology indulges in the art of past and play, “As the Goddess of Springtime & Rebirth, Persephone is eternally connected to the cycles of the earth, which lies barren in her absence and blooms again each spring with her return.”

crista-cober-by-miguel-reveriego-for-beauty-papers-magazine-summer-2015 crista-cober-by-miguel-reveriego-for-beauty-papers-magazine-summer-2015-3 (1)crista-cober-by-miguel-reveriego-for-beauty-papers-magazine-summer-2015-1 crista-cober-by-miguel-reveriego-for-beauty-papers-magazine-summer-2015-4 crista-cober-by-miguel-reveriego-for-beauty-papers-magazine-summer-2015-2crista-cober-by-miguel-reveriego-for-beauty-papers-magazine-summer-2015-5