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Gigi & Bella Hadid embrace the binary beauty of ‘Double Vision’ by Steven Klein for V Magazine 96, Fall Preview ’15. The art of evolution penetrates the page as dynamic change captivates our senses. Stylist, Patti Wilson, explores another side of the Hadid Sisters with a complete reconstruction of their character. Shot at the famous, Chelsea Piers, this story is an innovative look at the flip side of these fearsome females. Fetish inspired fashion never looked so fresh as a new age of neo-innocence has arrived. Good girls play bad with a story less about sexual inclination than the fire of savage spirit. Exuding edge the duo dons dress-up by Alexander WangCéline, Christian Louboutin, DiorFalkeLa Perla, Moeva, Saint Laurent and Versace. Double-Trouble, (Makeup Artist) Kabuki creates dueling beauty with competing looks that invite a sense of cohesion. Darkness defined, the mouth is outlined in excess as colour slowly blends to a brighter tone. Subtle shades lure us in like a seductress waiting to pounce. Inviting purple to pop off the page lips eject a sense of defiance. In a rush of bold blush, art races across the face, giving a nod to the 80’s. While bronze outlines the lids leaving tectonic eyes to act in righteous revelry. The truth erupts with tones that invite a retro flavor while still moving ahead. Hairstylist, Shay Ashual, reinvents casual chic by breaking up this familiar blonde duo with a taste of something dark. Gigi goes golden with a dew that looks like it’s been dipped in honeysuckle hue. While, Bella reinvents herself with locks that embrace the opposite effect. You Better Work Bitch…. while these creatures came to us first through the world of reality television, don’t get it twisted, they’re out to write their own scripts. Unwilling to rest on their laurels, one gets the sense that Mom (Yolanda Foster) has played a part in how these girls have integrated their independence. Famous in her own right, this model-mom has paved a pathway of promise, giving them unconditional support. It’s rare to see offspring able to carry on the top model torch. While the gift of lineage is clear, how fashion fits into their future has been left in the hands of each individual sibling/super-model.

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