Joanna in ‘Grafica’ by Boy/Girl for Schön! Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015

Joanna drops into an incubus of illusion in ‘Grafica’ shot by Boy/Girl for Schön! Magazine, S/S 2015. Sublime artistry erupts as the spectacle of surrealism takes shape. Breaking free from the chains that bind, this story reveals the wreckage we must bare when we seek change. Colours collide as graphic outlines pop off the page. a+c:studio captures the vibe of the piece with futuristic fashions that fuel the fire. The art of beauty erupts, as Vicky Martin matches the music of makeup with the brilliance of the background. Aching to speak the mouth peaks from behind the plastic. Ravaged in red the lips scream to be seen, enraptured by the idea of a kiss. The masks of modernity wear on as each image explores the odyssey of escape. Painter owns his surname, having pigment drip down the skin to a fringed veil worn over the features. Plastic molds to the face asking canons of aura to take shape. Screaming yellow steals the show as Mark Francome Painter exposes us to the resplendent nature of pure color. Hair drinks in the spotlight, from zipping into a backwards eye-cover to wearing a fiery wig. Freedom speaks through the cloak of camouflage as ‘oneric’ visions become a vestige of faith. Being committed to both the visual imagery and the written word, I find myself taken in by the poetry of this piece.

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