Maxine Leonard and Valerie Wickes Bring Us Beauty Papers, Issue 0, Summer 2015

The Foundation‘ makes it’s mark as Maxine Leonard & Valerie Wickes bring us the Inaugural debut of Beauty Papers, Issue 0. Launching for the Makeup Obsessed, buckle your seat belts it’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride. This new magazine embarks on a journey of discovery with evocative images that dare to be different. Forward artistry entices us to succumb as the power of pretty invites us to become. Exploring the outer edges of beauty, (Makeup Artists) Benjamin Puckey, Maxine LeonardKanako Takase & Ozzy Salvatierra expose us to the savage scintillation of extreme skin. The future is now with geometric shapes that cross the orbital area like a neo-matrix face mask. Lids lure us in with vibrant eyes, as color extends from the lashes to the brows. Crista Cober goes gold for Miguel Reveriego as Sarah Brannon brings the heat for Paola Kudacki. While, Sabina Lobova shows both sides by Bruno Staub and Guinevere Van Seenus aims to explode at Ben Hassett. Exalting her presence, Benjamin Lennox invites Lida Fox to bring out her inner-ballerina and defy us with dance. Natasha Royt, Way Perry, Pheobe ArnoldAda Kokosar & Jaime Kay Waxman conveys strength with styles that scream to be seen. As, Hairstylists, Kevin Ryan, Romina Manenti & Recine create looks that range from dews dripping in gold to psychotic dolls nestled on the head. Burning red hands signal us to stop, while sizzling shots show the body’s ready to blow. Feeling free, emphatic energy flows through the page as each image embraces fluid movement. Read, Steven Yatsko on – The Bold and the Beautiful.

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