Yohji Yamamoto Goes Back in Time by David Sims for Love Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015

Carolyn Murphy, Iman & Gisele Bündchen resurrect real retro vibes by David Sims for Love Magazine. Fashion is felt through the history of time as decadence is devoured by richness refined. Stylist, Katie Grand, explores the sartorial artistry of Yohji Yamamoto, ‘The Talents‘ issue. Aching with avant-garde flavor each image enamors us with a sense of era-connection. Clothing is worn like couture tents, with billowing fabrics built to captivate our imagination. Full-bodied flavor erupts from a Gabardine kimono, crinoline dress, fishnet jacket, marbled velvet trousers, orange stole & black bustier. Dipping into the 90’s, Grand restores these pieces as one would revive works at a modern museum. Rediscovering the decade, (Makeup Artist) Diane Kendal reminds us of when artisanal beauty was about the fusion of feelings. Forget the face as a place we cover in cosmetics, rather, think of it as a creative extension. White paint drips down the skin while one eye peaks out from behind a wall of ebony. Gisele astounds us with darkened eyes that stand alone yet are worn with spirit. Shades of simplicity scream out as strong women dare to bare nothing at all. Classic pieces project a sense of symmetry, as black brows create a division of equals. A flat peach tone rises up to reveal the mouth as lips are free to echo from the past. Hairstylist, Guido Palau defines the dew’s concept by getting in touch with the grit of the era, the dirtier the better. With a compelling group of models, (Casting Director) Anita Bitton invites us to experience an evocative trip back in time. Rendered Images via: We are so Droeë.

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