Alisa Ahmann in ‘Manhattan Rooftoop’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro, September 2015

Alisa Ahmann blends into the background in ‘Manhattan Rooftop’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro #166, September 2015. Standing in the center of the city her silhouette shrinks against the skyline. Stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer, devours the daylight with shapes so dark they steal the sunshine straight from the sky. Liquid lines languidly drip over the length of her body as leather spills onto to suppleness of her skin. Onyx fabrics reach the depth of decadence, from shiny snake-skin to a sequined, A-line shirt-dress. Menswear chic got its name in the 70’s, with this 3 piece ensemble that shatters the myth of softness. Hyper modern makeup screams to be seen, as Tyron Machhausen mimics the fluid nature of fashion’s stomping ground. Beauty breaks through the spacetime continuum by taking a retro trend and turning on its head. With bleached-out brows a naked mouth and lashes free from cosmetic cover, avant-garde artistry screams to be seen. Paint is sprayed straight on the skin converting it into a canvas of creation. Somber shades swirl around the lids leaving a bold hue to evoke an oracle of illusion. An ode to architectural influence, Tyron uses the curves of her face to mimic the majesty of Manhattan. Hairstylist, Tomi Kono, slicks back the nondescript dew daring to deny an affiliation with time. When first there’s nothing but a slow-moving dream, that your fears seems to hide deep inside your mindAll alone I have cried silent tears full of pride in a World Made of Steel Made of Stone... the incomparable 80’s powerhouse, Irene Cara, says it best in her song, What A Feeling. The imagination unfolds in a torrid tale of a modern YSL muse and vexing vision of a Helmut Newton hero. Fearing the end of Summer is near, shadows emulate the last days of this fair season as we say our sweet goodbyes.


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